My Savior On the Cross

25 03 2010

Hey guys,

So the last few weeks we’ve been thinking and talking about worship and prayer and how our lives can be more focused on Christ.  We’ve got our first ever Connections gathering this Sunday, which I hope many of you plan to attend.  And we are kicking off Holy Week.

In the midst of everything going on in your life, are you finding time to worship and pray?  Are you ready to step into this next week with reverence and worship?  Have you taken time to remember, this Lenten season, one of the most important events in history and hopefully in your own life?

Here is a pretty cool video of a sand artist’s portrayal of Easter to remind you:

I remember when Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ came out in theatres.  It was such a big deal, so much controversy and excitement.  I went to see the movie by myself and afterward wondered if I’d be able to ever watch it again.  It was a powerful experience for me.  I cried my eyes out.  I remember getting in my car after watching it and Johnny Cash’s version of the song Hurt was playing. 

What have I become?
my sweetest friend
everyone I know
goes away in the end
and you could have it all
my empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt
And in the car, those lyrics again brought me to tears.  Etched in my mind were those gruesome images of my Savior being beating and tortured and hung…for me.

I have so many wonderful memories with many of you from my time working for Western Yearly Meeting these last few years.  The ministry God called me to here with you guys, has been powerful and has sustained me in many ways.  I have tried to be honest with you all about what’s going at the Yearly Meeting and given you opportunities to share, cry, be mad, and excited about this Church.   This past summer, Yearly Meeting sessions I know were difficult for many of you.  It was for me as well.  At times it felt like I was watching my Savior being hung on that cross again…being beating, tortured and hung by people who bear His name.

So, through out this past fall I have spent much time in prayer and discernment.  I’ve shared this with many of you but have not had the chance to express this to all of you.  I’ve seen God work in amazing ways in Western Yearly Meeting during my time here (especially through you guys), despite the constant conflict and dysfunction in the organization as a whole.  I’ve been privileged to do ministry along side some truly wonderful people here and all of that has weighed heavily on my heart as I struggled with what exactly my call to ministry with Western Yearly Meeting was to continue to be.  Could I continue to work with integrity and conviction for a Church that does not appear to stand for the same basic beliefs as I do?  As wonderful as it has been to be in ministry with you all, the politics and conflict of WYM have drained me personally in many ways and through this process of prayer and discernment it became clear to me that it is time for me to move on.  On many levels, my ministry at Western Yearly Meeting has switched into a survival mode, meaning that it seems as though without a clear vision for the future and without a clear theological framework from which to ground our ministries, we are merely surviving until inevitable death.  That is not a healthy place to be, for me or for Western Yearly Meeting as a whole.  So, it is with a clear but heavy heart that I am resigning from my position as Christian Education Director for Western Yearly Meeting after our Yearly Meeting Sessions this summer. 

I want to be clear that this decision was not made lightly.  As I’ve been preparing my heart to celebrate Easter, I see those images of Jesus dying on the cross for me again.  That is why I came to WYM in the first place, because God loved me so much that He sent His Son to die for me, and for you, and for everyone in Western Yearly Meeting and beyond.  When this Truth is unable to be heard and silenced within the Body of Christ, I’m sure that God weeps.

So…after Easter I’m gonna start my campus visits again.  I can’t wait to check in with you guys one final time and I know, without a doubt, that God wants to use you and your generation to make His Church a place where His Truth and His joy reigns.

Blessings!  Have a great week and celebrate your risen Savior who hung on that cross for you!

To the King!





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