Where’s the Excitement?!

29 01 2009

Hey guys,


I hope you’re all getting shoveled out from our winter weather here in central Indiana.  I felt like a little kid yesterday morning, so excited that I got a snow day and could sleep in.  Have you felt excited about what God is doing in your life recently?  Or has it been a while since you’ve had that passion and joy about the living Christ working in your life?  Have you had time to worship?  To listen?  To pray?


It’s so easy to get too busy.


Too busy to read God’s Word.


Too busy to stop and listen.


Too busy to spend time with God.


If you’re feeling far from God right now, or spiritually dry.  Take some time to slow down and listen and pray and read.  If you make time for God, He will show up.

God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.
   You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
      you find me quiet pools to drink from.
   True to your word,
      you let me catch my breath
      and send me in the right direction.
Even when the way goes through
      Death Valley,
   I’m not afraid
      when you walk at my side.
   Your trusty shepherd’s crook
      makes me feel secure.
You serve me a six-course dinner
      right in front of my enemies.
   You revive my drooping head;
      my cup brims with blessing.
Your beauty and love chase after me
      every day of my life.
   I’m back home in the house of God
      for the rest of my life.

Psalm 23 (MSG)

To the King!




P.S. Announcements/Updates!

            *WYM Winter Retreat – Understanding Friends’ Discernment

Feb. 14th (free to Sundesmos people who pre-register through WYM

Office, free book as well)

Yes, it’s V-Day…so bring your sweetheart along for a heart filled discussion on how we hear God speaking to us and discern His will.  Sounds romantic right?!  In all seriousness though, this is going to be a great chance for you as Young Adults to really take some time to look at this idea of discernment and how we find out what it is that God wants to say to us individually and corporately.  See attached brochure.


*WYM Summer Internships

Applications available Feb. 1st and due March 1st

This is an opportunity for you to explore your gifts in ministry.  Whether you already know what your gifts and passions are or you’re still trying to figure it out, make your summer plans now to join the WYM Interns Program.  See attached brochure.


*Urbana Student Mission Conference 2009

Dec. 27th-31st, 2009

This conference is one of the top conferences in the nation bringing 25,000+ college students together for worship and to look at how we can change the world in Jesus’ name.  Start praying now about this opportunity…it only happens every three years…you don’t want to miss it!  More information to come.  You can watch the promo video on Facebook here:






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