Child-like Christmas

11 12 2008

Hey guys,


So I was thinking this past week about how child-like this holiday season makes people.  People turn into five year olds hoping to get that pony (or iPhone) from Santa.  Families are together celebrating memories old and new with children young and old alike.  That blind belief and faith in a man wearing red bringing gifts down your chimney.  It’s a time like no other.


Here are some recent holiday commercials that resonate with that child-like spirit:

              Macy’s Christmas Commercial

Target’s Christmas Commercial

Rice Krispies Christmas Commercial

Campbell’s Christmas Commercial

Hallmark Christmas Commercials

Betty Crocker Christmas Commercial


It’s that innocence, that wonder that surrounds this season.  A belief in something more…a joy in our circumstances and a compassion for things we don’t understand.  It’s magic!  At least that’s what the advertisers say.


Is that the experience you’ve had?  There is something innocent about a baby born in a manager…a baby, so little and soft, so cute and harmless.  A baby that later asked us to have the innocent faith of a child in things bigger and harder to believe in than Santa…things like sin and salvation, redemption and grace.  So maybe Christmas is about being child-like.  Its sure is fun.


Here’s a precious little children story read by author Frank Peretti called “All is Well” that I hope touches your heart and helps you prepare for the arrival of the Christ Child.


Blessings!  Hope you have time to be child-like this week.


To the King!





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